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While we were stuck in traffic...

While we were stuck in traffic... - Barbara Johnson

Have you asked yourself how dependent our kids are to their gadgets? I knew that my kids liked to spend time on their devices, but until today I was unaware how damaging that was. Not only that it is affecting their focus and lowering their grades, it also interferes with your role as a parent. 

If you allow your kids to spend more than one hour per day, hooked on a device, playing a game, reading or browsing the net for fun, you are directly responsible for their actions. 

Today, on the way back from the office of a home automation system company, we got stuck in traffic. There was an accident on the road and the whole traffic got delayed for almost forty minutes. It rarely happens to wait for so long to have the road opened again. 

Anyway, long story short, my kids had a tantrum while we were waiting in the car. All three of them, one after the other started to misbehave and act up. They were not hungry, or tired. Just bored. I could not believe that they would lose control, out of boredom.

It all started with my daughter asking me to connect her tablet to the charger. Shortly after she started to play on her tablet, her siblings wished to play as well. I tried to explain to them that they had used their screen time in the morning and that they were not allowed to have any additional screen time during the rest of the day. 

You’d think that they would listen and do something else, right? Kids don’t reason like grown ups. Oh, no! They started to fight with their older sister, hoping that she would get annoyed with them and give them her tablet, just to make them shut up. They have used this tactic on a few occasions and it worked. 

Seeing that she is totally ignoring them, they took it to another level. They pinched her and called her names. Obviously that hurt and she responded by hitting them. I got upset when I saw that. I had to raise my voice and tell them that from that moment on, no one was allowed to use a tablet for an entire week. 

As a response, my youngest daughter, grabbed one of the files I had left between the chairs and threw it in the air. All my papers with theincome tax planning, flew through the air and ended up on the floor. Her gesture got to me. I was mad but I did not want to let them see I was not in control.


The author:


Barbara Johnson is a Ontario businesswoman, speaker and blogger specializing in social networking strategies. She holds a Master of Science in ECommerce from the University of Toronto.