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The ride to Quebec

The ride to Quebec - Barbara Johnson

Twelve hours ago I agreed to drive my friend Bonnie to her new house in Quebec City. She had move there a month ago. After living twelve years in Longueuil as she worked as saleswoman for a store who's selling Retractable awnings Longueuil, she decided to return to her hometown and settle there. I did not understand her choice, especially when I knew that it would be difficult for her to find a job there. I tried to explain to her that she would not be able to snatch a position paid as well as her previous job in Montreal. As for the health benefits and the other perks, I did not even dare to go there. 

On my opinion, Quebec is a beautiful city to visit for a day or two, or to pass by. But from that to moving and residing there year round, oh, no! I wouldn’t do it! Anyway, that was her call. As a friend I owed it to her to be honest and say what was on my heart. I have done my duty. From there on, I could not do more.

Thus, when I called me around noon and asked me if I could give her a ride, I could not refuse her. I knew she was supposed to get the last boxes she had here in storage. I agreed to meet her at 6 P.M. in front of her older house. 

When I got there, she was waiting for me on the porch. Next to her there were four boxes sealed. On top of the last box, there was her cat’s kennel. I couldn't see if the cat was inside or not, because the door was closed.

I got out of the car, gave her a hug and started to load her boxes in the back of my car. Once I closed the trunk and got back inside my car, I noted that she was in tears. I paused for a second, not knowing what to say. 

All I could come up with was to ask if she was fine. My stupid question made her burst into tears. She was mumbling something that I did not understand. All I got from all she had said was: Retractable awnings Longueuil and “property taxes”. Any of these did not make any sense to me. I gave her a hug and ask her to calm down, take a breath and then tell me what was going on. After fifteen more minutes of sobbing, she started to tell me about her new life in Quebec and how nothing turned the way she had hoped.


The author:


Barbara Johnson is a Ontario businesswoman, speaker and blogger specializing in social networking strategies. She holds a Master of Science in ECommerce from the University of Toronto.