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A reasonable request

A reasonable request - Barbara Johnson

My kid turns eight next month. One of the past days he asked us if he could have a birthday party. He added that he would like to invite some of his friends and his favorite two uncles. His request seemed quite reasonable. Plus we were pleased with his school results. Thus we promised that he could have a party. His first party, since so far we had only celebrated his birthday within the family.

He got so excited to hear the news that he started to jump up and down, doing silly dancing moves for couple of minutes. Then we saw his face getting serious and we asked what was on his mind. He replied that he could not decide who to invite to the party. He did not wish to invite all his classmates, only a one or two, those who were closer to him. He feared that those uninvited would get upset and hold a grunge against him. I always said that this child was too smart for his age.

Also he attended some of their birthday parties but he did not have too much fun. Now he was asking us if he really had to invite those kids as well, in order to make it even. His father and I listened to him expressing all his worries regarding the upcoming event.

Since his young days we encouraged him to be making his own decisions, to be bold and take calculated risks. Now it was a pleasure to watch him exposing the case and trying to find ways to solve the problem, ensuring that his actions were not vexing anyone. 

After twenty minutes of debating who should be invited and should not, he decided to write everything on paper. On a blank paper he drew three columns: one for those he wished to invite, the second for those he thought he had to, and the last one for the kids he did not want to have them over. Underneath he wrote the names of our family members, including grandma’ and his two uncles.

After he counted them all, he came up with a number of twenty persons. When my hubby heard him, he asked him to cut down the list in half. He added that we had not enough space in our house to host so many people. One friend replied shortly that he would take out all the names he wrote under on the second column. Then he went back to counting the number of possible attendees.

We were amused to see with so much seriousness he was treating this issue. Before A. started inquiring us on the menu or the activities we could plan for the day or the presents he would receive, hubby had to pick up one of his brothers from the hospital.

Apparently his brother had a work accident. He got injured while releasing a truck restraints. Since he was not able to drive, he needed a ride back home. When he returned, the list was ready.


The author:


Barbara Johnson is a Ontario businesswoman, speaker and blogger specializing in social networking strategies. She holds a Master of Science in ECommerce from the University of Toronto.