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My New Driveway

My New Driveway - Barbara Johnson

After moving into my house last year there was only one thing that I identified as being below par, the driveway. My husband and I immediately noticed that this house's old concrete drive was clearly cracking due to years of use and I was frankly a little worried about it. After all, those cracks could have ended up causing damage to the tires of our car or, even worse, pose a health and safety hazard for anybody who was walking up the drive to get to the house. Tripping over one of those cracks doesn’t bear thinking about, especially when we have the grandkids over for the night.

It was with safety in mind that we decided to start looking for a new solution; something that would make sure the driveway stayed nice and smooth, and would also last a long time so we wouldn't need repairing it every couple of years. Of course, the safety of our grandchildren is of paramount importance to us, but you have to remember that we are getting on in years a little bit as well and one bad fall could spell a long hospital stay for either one of us.

My husband and I are not particularly computer savvy but we managed to spend a little time researching our options on the internet and eventually ran into a material called blacktop paving. It gives a gorgeous and smooth finish and best of all, it is used on roads throughout the country. For us that was the clincher. If it’s good enough to build roads that withstand hundreds, or even thousands, of cars riding over it every single day then it is good enough for our new driveway. This is something that would definitely stand the test of time.

We had the blacktop paving installed a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you we couldn’t be happier. The driveway is just so much safer to walk or drive over now and we no longer have any unsightly weeds poking up through the cracks of the old concrete drive. I swear it’s given the house a completely new lease on life and we are actually proud to walk up to it now. The neighbours have all responded well too and many have complimented the driveway and even asked us for the number of the guys who came and did the job. Don’t quote me just yet but I think a few more blacktop paving drives will be appearing in the street over the next couple of months.


The author:


Barbara Johnson is a Ontario businesswoman, speaker and blogger specializing in social networking strategies. She holds a Master of Science in ECommerce from the University of Toronto.