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I Played My Part

I Played My Part - Barbara Johnson

You have to be concerned about the quality of air you breathe because your body's functioning is heavily dependent on oxygen. Therefore you must be concerned that what you are breathing is not just a bunch of pollutants.

You might be wondering why I am trying to bring your attention to this topic. The answer is that I am a student of environmental sciences and I have learned much about the importance and value of oxygen. Only when you are aware of the consequences caused by any such thing, you are more tempted to take action and rectify it.

So basically, what I have learned at age 22, I want you to learn sooner. There are many who do not even know about this term, and unless they are aware of it, they are in a position of doing little. So I want to play my part. I want you to be a good person and a good citizen so that one day, you may play your part.

Air quality is fundamentally the quality of the air that exists within buildings and around buildings. It is therefore of crucial importance as it has a direct relation with the occupants of said buildings. Because we use gas stoves, polythene bags, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) we are very much prone to getting affected by adverse conditions which may prevail. And it is quite obvious that we cannot leave these things because they have become an important part of our lives, we must try to implement procedures which will minimize the effect of these pollutants and make the air we breathe somewhat clean. For these purposes, air quality testing in Montreal was launched so the population may learn about the air quality and so they could take measures to improve it.

Some of the methods that help in cleaning the air are proper ventilation systems, filtration, proper cleaning of the entire house and regular cleaning of carpets, rugs and curtains. When there is dust, dirt, untidiness, you are more prone to be breathing air which is contaminated. This further means that your blood is getting contaminated.

A friend of mine, who lived in America contracted cancer due to the air quality and she later died. I have not been able to forget her death and therefore I want everyone to exercise caution. Her disease was discovered at the last stage and she was known to have lung cancer. It was after her death that I choose to opt for this field to make this world a better place!


The author:


Barbara Johnson is a Ontario businesswoman, speaker and blogger specializing in social networking strategies. She holds a Master of Science in ECommerce from the University of Toronto.