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Hooked on coffee

Hooked on coffee - Barbara Johnson

My husband is one of those persons who love to do everything by themselves. He is a fast learner and a handyman. He loves working on all sorts of projects around the house. He painted the house and the fence, fixed the steps, changed the gutters, sealed a water infiltration on the roof, varnished the wooden floors and stairs, replaced tiles in the washroom, etc.

He has always shown a keen interest in new technologies, he is always looking for new ways to do things.

This morning, I found him watching a short movie on YouTube on cnc cutting machines. As a joke, I told him that his tools workshop was full, and there was no space to place such a machine inside. He started to laugh, saying that there were smaller versions of this machine.

He added that he was thinking to get himself a hobby version if it, later on, towards the end of the year.

I gave him a kiss and went to grab a cup of coffee. The smell of freshly brewed coffee coming from the kitchen was delightful. When I got there, my daughter handed me my green favorite mug. No sugar, no cream, no milk inside. Coffee only. I always enjoyed having a black coffee in the morning. It helped me wake up. In the past two years, I got hooked on coffee. I wasn't a coffee drinker before. But that changed when my daughter moved back with us.

She did her last years of university in Brazil. After graduation she returned to Canada and decided to live with us for a few years in order to save some bucks. I was happy to have her back and she was thrilled that she didn't have to pay rent.

I closed my eyes and took the first sip. I loved to feel the rejuvenated and soothingly dark-roasted funkiness. My daughter was the one who brought me a big bag of organically grown coffee from Brazil. I have looked for this brand in our stores but I wasn't able to find it. Then, I looked for it online, thinking that I could buy more.

When I saw they were charging over twenty dollars for a bag which had less than half of kilo, I realized it was too pricy. Although I loved its taste, it wasn't worthies. My daughter had paid six dollars for a half of kilogram package.


The author:


Barbara Johnson is a Ontario businesswoman, speaker and blogger specializing in social networking strategies. She holds a Master of Science in ECommerce from the University of Toronto.