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Hooked on Catan

Hooked on Catan - Barbara Johnson

Saturday is the games’ night. My husband, I and our friend John, who’s working as Plumber Mississauga, we meet each Saturday evening and play games. For the past two months, we only played The Settlers of Catan, as we got hooked on this game. The entire week, I am looking forward to playing it. 

Most of the playing is done after I put our sweet son to sleep. Sometimes we start playing at ten a’clock in the night, other times maybe a bit earlier. It always depends on how tired my son is. Although we start his bedtime routine around 7:30 P.M., some days he won’t fall asleep until ten. Normally after having his bottle of milk and his favorite story read (“ Professor Wormbog and the Zipper -ump-a-zoo”  by Mercer Mayer), we turn off the light, I tell him one more story and then we sleep. 

It did happen on a few occasions that I fell asleep before him. Luckily, my husband came to the bedroom to check why was I taking so long to put the boy to sleep. He woke me up and said that they were waiting for me, but if I wanted to sleep, that was fine. Obviously, that I woke up right away. I did not wish to cancel the games’ night. That was my only entertainment! I had been waiting for it a whole week! 

Before Catan, we used to play all sorts of games: Canasta, Remi, Scrabble, Poker, Monopoly, you name it. But once I discovered Catan, we never went back to any of those games. We started with the basic game and once we learnt it well, we moved up to the Catan’s Knight version. I love it! It makes the game more unpredictable, more unstable, as the progression cards and the barbarians’ arrival may ruin the opponent’s wealth. It’s wicked, that’s what it is!

My parents used to think that games are for children, and us as grown-ups, we were wasting our time playing with children’s toys. That was before teaching them how to play Catan. Now, whenever they pass by and stay over the time, they always ask to play this game. They even bought the game. They said they got it for the grandkids, so they don’t get too bored while they are staying there. They can say whatever they wish, but I know their reason of purchasing the game had nothing to do with their grandchildren.


The author:


Barbara Johnson is a Ontario businesswoman, speaker and blogger specializing in social networking strategies. She holds a Master of Science in ECommerce from the University of Toronto.