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Grandma’s remedies

Grandma’s remedies - Barbara Johnson

It’s been close to three weeks since I did not get a proper rest, or a day for myself. So far the weather outside was terrible. I was getting fed up with so much cold, rain and wind. It was a rough beginning of fall. I was not ready for it.

Now when it’s warm and sunny my son came down with the flu. He got a virus from one of his classmates. Poor him! He has been having fever up and down for almost three days now. I look at him and I see how tired he is. He was not able to sleep well because of the fever and the cough. As for eating, he did not eat much because he was not able to swallow. Each bite made him hurt.

It breaks my heart to hear him coughing so bad and choking because of it. He even vomited because of the cough. I have taken him to the doctor who prescribed him some meds. We were told to return if the fever does not go down within two days. Well, It went down, but it return with vengeance. I don’t think the Ibuprofen helped much.  If it persists, I am taking him again to the doctor’s office tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile I am also trying some old remedies I learnt from my grandma. I have put four chopped onions in his socks and let him go to bed wearing the socks. On his chest I have put two slices of raw potato sprinkled with vinegar. It supposed to pull out the cold and help him breath better. 

My grandma barely used any prescribed medicine. I remember she had a homemade remedy for almost anything, from regular colds to eczemas, and much more. Grandma made moisturizers and lotions for pigmentary lesions. She used to prepare her own tinctures and remedies that she kept in one of her kitchen cabinets. 

From what I know, she was a midwife for more than two decades. She had delivered over hundred babies. 

When I was a child I used to live with my grandma during each summer vacation. I think I was more close to her than my own parents. Probably because she was always there for me. 

Even during school days, she would come and check on me each evening and help me with my homework. She lived a few blocks away from our house, which enabled her to come over so often.


The author:


Barbara Johnson is a Ontario businesswoman, speaker and blogger specializing in social networking strategies. She holds a Master of Science in ECommerce from the University of Toronto.