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Fashion Passion

Fashion Passion - Barbara Johnson

With new fashion trends prevailing all over, everyone seems to have been struck by fashion magic. Everyone wants to define their own fashion and want to look unique, unmatchable and one of a kind. And because I belong to this world too, I am a fashion freak. Always hopping from one trend to another, I am always striving to look better than ever before.

In line with fashion divas, I am always at the top. Among family, friends and the whole social group at large, I am their fashion icon every time, at each occasion. There are times when I am faced with the dilemma of choosing the fashion norms because there are multi streams of fashion which are going on at any given point in time. It becomes really stressing which style should I opt for and which colors should I choose. The audience may seem amazed by having a glance at me, but they have no idea how much stress I have to go through in order to look this good.

The good news is my wedding is near and my fashion madness is helping me a lot with the marriage. Never had I imagined my passion about fashion would prove to be this helpful when it will come to the biggest event of my life. So I have started to watch more bridal shows and bridal magazines in order to study the latest trends for brides. They help me gain an insight into the labels that are getting famous, and the discounts and specials offers that are available at any outlet, along with the cost effective designs which look equally pretty.

I am loving the area and I am totally in love with my wedding preparations. Also, this area has enable me to help my family and friends choose and order their outfits for the wedding, as everybody wants to look their best on weddings. Dressings are a definition of your personality and as you want to be defined uniquely, you must carefully choose what you wear, and these definitions become more precise when you are present at any occasion.

I have chosen wonderful outfits for my family members and for my man-to-be who is working in an office of personal tax planning in Laval. I have ordered a beautiful suit at a renowned designer outlet. I am curious about his reaction when he gets to see it, because this will be his wedding gift from me. 


The author:


Barbara Johnson is a Ontario businesswoman, speaker and blogger specializing in social networking strategies. She holds a Master of Science in ECommerce from the University of Toronto.