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Cafe Macchiato

Cafe Macchiato - Barbara Johnson

Until my son was born I used to live in Boisbriand, up north from Laval. I loved my neighbourhood. I was close to the groceries shops, to the cinema and to my friends. Once my roommate left without any notice and I couldn’t find another one before the baby’s birth, I realized I might have to move. The rent was a bit high and I was worried that my budget would be tight if I had to cover the rent by myself. Luckily my landlord was an amazing woman. She was kind enough to let me go without paying her any penalty fees for leaving. Anyway, my lease was to be renewed in two months. She was fine with one month notice.

Thus, like any other normal pregnant woman, I decided to move. “Normal pregnant woman” - you noted my sarcasm. I guess that I took the nesting phase to a new level. Since my belly was too big and I could not fit in the cupboards, nor to pick up a lot of things, I called my girlfriends over for a girls’ get together.

When they arrived I offered each one of them a Cafe Macchiato (half liquor, half coffee). I had two reasons to do so. One, I knew they will need the caffeine since I called them early morning. Secondly, the liquor was supposed to treat the shocking effect of me telling them they had to help me pack.

If you wonder how successful my Cafe Macchiato was, let me tell you it was a hit. They had three or four by the end of the day. Thanks to my incredible and supportive friends I was able to have everything packed within a day and unpacked within two other days. As for the move itself, it all went smooth. It is true, that I sort of used my pregnancy to my advantage, but hey, I got things done!

To be honest, I am happy I moved. Although I haven’t seen it this way in the first few months. But once my son was born and we both settled into a routine, I started to appreciate more being back in the city.  Needless to say that my friends came to see me a lot more often than I went to their place. None of them wanted me to be on the road with the baby and get stuck in traffic on highway 15.

The only times I went back to where I lived was when I had to do a Facial beauty treatment in Blainville.


The author:


Barbara Johnson is a Ontario businesswoman, speaker and blogger specializing in social networking strategies. She holds a Master of Science in ECommerce from the University of Toronto.