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Breaking news from my kitchen

Breaking news from my kitchen - Barbara Johnson

Last night was fun! You won’t believe what kept me up until late in the night! I have been baking! Yes, you read correctly, so stop looking for your glasses! I have been baking cookies for my son’s school’s annual cookies sale. Usually it’s my mom who does it, since I never seemed to find my way into the kitchen.

Well, this year I forgot about the cookies sale. I only remembered about it yesterday evening around seven. As my mom was out of the country for another two weeks, I had no choice but to face my fears, grab the apron and start playing with the ingredients. My son went to bed keeping his fingers crossed, hoping that some miracle would happen and I would be able to bake some cookies. By some, I mean about five dozens.

When I first realized that the baking sale was the following day I panicked. I hoped to find some cookies at the bakery shop or in the grocery shop, but it was late and they were closed. And anyway, they would not have five dozens!

Thus I was forced to bake. I looked for a recipe online, something that was appropriate for my cooking level. I found one in the Idiots’ guide for baking. That book was wrote for people like me. I printed the recipe on a paper and took out the ingredients form the fridge and cupboards.

I placed them on the kitchen island, said a prayer, made the holy cross and I started the work.

I followed the instructions thoroughly, mixed the ingredients and did not venture to try new things. When I laid the cookies on the baking sheet, prior to putting them in the pre-heated oven, said another “Amen” and followed my son’s example of holding my fingers crossed.

Imagine my face when it started to smell yummy in the kitchen or when I saw through the oven’s glass door that my cookies were looking good. I did! I managed to bake! Yay! Not one cookie! I baked five dozens! That’s a huge achievement for someone who never cooked or baked. I can say I have experience under my belt, hahaha!

Once the cookies cooled down, I tried one to see if it was okay. It was delicious. My self-esteem saw an instant boost. I wrapped the cookies into individual bags and placed them in a big basket. I was so happy about it, that after I dropped my son at school and left the cookies there, I went to see my sister and brag about my cookies. I forgot I had an early appointment with the person who's installing our security camera.


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Barbara Johnson is a Ontario businesswoman, speaker and blogger specializing in social networking strategies. She holds a Master of Science in ECommerce from the University of Toronto.