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The Art of Living

The Art of Living - Barbara Johnson

Suzy and Rita use to work together in CRM customization for stakholder engagement Toronto. Since last December, they came back around. Both are always been the best of my friends and shared common interests like travelling places and exploring people, food and different cultures which impart a city its unique soul and fragrance. Always keen to find a deep rooted essence of who we humans are and for what we are here for, by virtue of observation and exploration of the external world.

They found peace, curiosity, thrill and a soul-searching experience in going out, and perceiving the colors of humanity, civilization and joy inherent in their surrounding in a variety of ways. In search of realizing the self about its own true nature of peace and love, they always arranged some tours to places which were archaic and untouched by the metropolitan spirit. Away from the rush of life, unknown and unaware of the competitive style of living, the raw nature usually used to attract the girls the most.

The tensed and almost boring season of college semester exams had just passed away last Sunday, and now the thought and imagination of a subtle, beautiful journey was opening up their pores of consciousness. And this time the city of Jaipur came out to be the place under camera lenses. Having packed their bags and unpacked their minds, arranged their maps and locked their seat belts, having a little knowledge about the place’s history and aura, they set out on their journey to the pink city, as its called.

There they saw the palace of red and pink sandstone, known as Hawa Mahal, various forts like Amber fort, Nahargarh, and Jaigarh. But the most touching experience was the Rajasthani dance, full of colors and vibrant costumes, dance steps and the beats of the drum. The food touched their body and soul with soothing tastes and imparted the comfort of feeling dignified and royal! They even got a chance to attend a local friend’s wedding. There not only the people and the ambience were so enigmatic, the heavy variety of local cuisines proved to be the greatest delightful surprise for them. The couple looked fabulous in their Rajasthani attire and their attitude spoke a lot about Indian culture, manners and believes. Although it was an arranged marriage but love seemed to prevail all over their families, the relatives and the couple as well.

Though arranged marriages are common in India, but that one experience seemed to bring all the luxury and dignity of the forts and palaces at one demonstrative platform. How families celebrate not only the love of two hearts, but rejoice and remember their own senses and sensibilities of living life, on a material platform with a spiritual awareness and consciousness. It not only was a grandiose affair of show off of wealth and material, but a graceful expression of meaning of life, to love and to give back to whom we love, with the blessings of the elders and the experienced.

A journey which was made in the present, looked through the window of past but with an enhanced, modern thinking and perception, ended soon. They returned back with memories in camera and in their hearts of tales of glamour, grandiose, dignity and love with themselves.


The author:


Barbara Johnson is a Ontario businesswoman, speaker and blogger specializing in social networking strategies. She holds a Master of Science in ECommerce from the University of Toronto.