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Addicted to Kitchen Gadgets

Addicted to Kitchen Gadgets - Barbara Johnson

One of the best things about living in a city known for its restaurants is that there are lots of great kitchen shops.  If there are pots and pans, knives and utensils, cookbooks and gourmet coffees, I’m there.  Of course, there is the local version of the SEO Montreal Company, but that is pretty ordinary. I like the smaller, locally-owned places. They are full of interesting things and, my favorites being the latest kitchen gadgets.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love gadgets, but I am also an avid cook and baker. I actually use these things, and do it whenever I can.  I adore trying new recipes and entertaining my friends and family.  It’s so much fun to have a glass of wine, chat, and demonstrate my new garlic peeling device; or maybe pull out my cheese board with the cutter that looks like a sharp slice of Swiss cheese.  My husband just leaves the kitchen, shaking his head because I get such a kick out of these things. 

Last spring, I bought an asparagus server, which is a little tong-like thing with loops for my fingers.  It picks up each piece of asparagus, and, wait for it…it’s shaped like little spears of asparagus.  I love it!  Don’t get me started about the doo-dad that lets me open nearly any jar, or the adjustable bottle stopper that looks like a champagne bucket.  There’s a spatula that also acts as a slotted spoon, a spoon rest shaped like a bunch of grapes, and the wine tool that has a tiny phillips-head screwdriver on it, because you never know.

When I invested in some good knives lately, I got a bonus knife sharpener. It works like magic.  My knives are always sharp.  I sometimes go to my neighbor’s house to see if her knives need sharpening.  I tell you, I’m addicted.

I can’t say that all of my gadget purchases have been wise.  A few years ago, I followed the trend and bought a silicone bundt pan.  Yes, it’s pretty— it's kind of like lavender, and it was highly recommended because it’s non-stick.  Well, when I used it to make a pound cake, I didn’t think about how flexible it was and half the batter spilled when I lifted it to get to the oven.  That one is going into the garage sale pile.  Another one that wasn’t a big hit was the mat I’m supposed to use when I make pie crust.  I can never find it because it slips behind everything else, and I just use the countertop instead.

While some people might think this is particularly strange, I don’t mind it.  After all, no one ever has to wonder what to give me for my birthday or as a hostess gift as there’s always a new gadget I would appreciate and use. 


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Barbara Johnson is a Ontario businesswoman, speaker and blogger specializing in social networking strategies. She holds a Master of Science in ECommerce from the University of Toronto.